Notes from TBARG Meeting 6-1-2017

TBARG Meeting ~ June 1, 2017

Review of Munson Exercise on April 19

  • Badges are essential for hospital access. The badges give us access to all Munson affiliates. 23 hams now have Munson credentials.
  • Munson had positive reviews and praise for our participation.

Areas of concern

  • Voice communication was a serious issue and it created a bottle-neck.
  • Voice using form 213 is a slow method of communicating
  • Need minimum of 2 people per location- each location needs a dedicated operator and a runner
  • Possible Munson volunteers to help with running messages
  • Need a digital means to send communication
  • Possibly e-mail based
  • Needs to be printed documentation that traffic was sent and received
  • Packet is already in place at both Munson and Glens office. Could Munson provide packet at each hospital?
  • APRS automatically finds the required nodes to find recipient.

Action Suggestions

  • Need a master plan what we want to accomplish and how
  • Need more than one frequency for communication- need additional channels to handle traffic and then switch back to working/ calling channel
  • Have all our radios programmed to the same channels so frequencies would be standard- possibly first 25 channels could be “local use” but next set of programmed freq. would be standard. Might help people think globally rather than local
  • Training on the 800 MHz could be an option
  • Hospitals and locations need to have a runner component to it so radio operator stays with radio
  • Form a Digital committee to explore digital communication options incl. pricing and availability
  • Work on getting a buy in from 911 services passing traffic between 911 and other emergency services
  • Get 800 training

Future Exercises and Projects

  • Monthly net from Munson
  • Explore unified memory channels
  • Form a link (cooperation) with other regional ham groups
  • Drills using message passing
  • Explore “fire chat” app to send messages via smart phones without internet utilizing Bluetooth
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