Starlink/FirstNet and Emergency Mobile Information Technologies (EMIT)

Emergency Mobile Information Technology  – A multi-layered approach to emergency communications.  This is a hybrid program to merge Starlink/FirstNet communications with ham radio. This is a highly mobile information system that can be bought to any location and can be packed up and ready to go in 30 minutes (from the Traverse City location).

Internet Access – Starlink is currently showing average speeds of 164 Megs down and 12 Megs up.  Using the “Wi-Fi Calling” option on your cell phone, you will have full phone calling/internet access on your cell phone. Anything that uses Wi-Fi can be connected.

Four (4) VOIP dedicated phone lines are available for 24/7 use at any EOC or command center.  This includes one cordless phone, one CISCO conference phone, one line for fax (using a laser printer with b&w printing, fax and scanning options), and one Google Voice Wi-Fi phone. We are also using Hamshack Hotline with this system.

Portable File Server With Wi-Fi or Ethernet Access – Share photos, movies, documents to/from any Windows, IOS, and Android device using a small portable server.  Total onsite storage is currently 1500 Gigs.

Mobile Amateur Radio Repeater – In the field, ham radio users have worldwide access to other locations and repeaters (DMR/Fusion/D-Star).  For example, a ham radio operator in the field would have voice access to the Michigan EOC.  Range of this system will be 5 to 15 miles from the mobile repeater depending upon where the antenna is located. 

Emergency Power – We have a small portable 2000 watt gas generator for running the entire system.  With 10 gallons of gas always on standby, we can run around 60 to 100 hours before refueling.

FirstNet Wi-Fi Hotspot – We have a dedicated FirstNet Netgear Nighthawk LTE hotspot with unlimited data. Speeds are 200 to 40 Megs down with 10 to 20 Megs up.

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